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The assistance fund offers assistance for approved medications.

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Patient Information

Thank you for your interest in The Assistance Fund. To be eligible, you must be 17 years of age or younger to receive assistance under the Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Copay Assistance Program.  Please review our Rheumatoid Arthritis Copay Assistance Program for availability.

Physician Specialist Information

Physician Specialist is the doctor or physician that has prescribed your approved medication. Providing the following information is optional.

Additional Notes

Please include any further notes that pertain to your current financial situation or insurance coverage. Any details are encouraged to help us process your application.

2017 Program Enrollment Agreements

Compliance: I understand that, if I am accepted into programs offered by The Assistance Fund, that financial assistance is being provided to help me afford my medications, my health insurance premiums, other basic needs and/or incidental medical-related expenses. Therefore, I agree to take my medications for which I receive financial assistance from The Assistance Fund and/or agree to timely pay my health insurance premiums, the costs of my basic needs and/or my incidental medical-related expenses for which I receive financial assistance from The Assistance Fund. In the event that I do not comply with my medication regimen or pay for my health insurance premiums, the costs of my basic needs or my incidental medical-related expenses as agreed, then I will be removed from participation in the program(s) offered by The Assistance Fund.

Certification and Acknowledgment: I agree that all of the information I have provided is truthful and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that The Assistance Fund is required to screen all applicants for compliance with its designated financial eligibility criteria prior to enrollment in its programs or within a reasonable time thereafter. I understand that The Assistance Fund intends to contract with a third-party vendor to verify the Income Information and Household Size I provide in my enrollment application. I further understand that, at any time during my enrollment in a program at The Assistance Fund, I may be contacted to request documentation of the Income Information and Household Size that I provided in my enrollment application for participation in such program(s). I understand that if The Assistance Fund (or its third-party vendor) requests evidence to support my Income Information or Household Size, that I must respond to The Assistance Fund (or its third-party vendor) and submit the requested information within the designated timeframe provided. If I fail to submit the requested documentation within the designated timeframe, I may be removed from the program.

I understand that I am free at any time to switch healthcare providers, practitioners, pharmacies, insurers or other healthcare suppliers without affecting my continued eligibility for assistance. I understand my application for assistance does not guarantee funding is or will be available. I understand that if I am approved for participation in a program, such financial assistance is provided for up to twelve months. Thereafter I must reapply for assistance each twelve months. Assistance in any year is always subject to the availability of funds and there is no guarantee such funds will be available.

Provision of Assistance: I acknowledge that The Assistance Fund provides financial assistance to individuals who qualify for participation pursuant to the rules established by The Assistance Fund. I further agree that, if approved for financial assistance, my participation requires that I meet the program rules throughout the period of time that I receive assistance from The Assistance Fund.

Change in Insurance, Household Income/Household Size, or Other Information Provided in this Application: I agree that, at any time that I am receiving assistance from The Assistance Fund, if my insurance benefit changes, if I am no longer in need of assistance, in need of less assistance, or my Income Information or Household Size changes, I will immediately notify The Assistance Fund and provide such change. Changes may impact my participation in The Assistance Fund program(s), including a reduction in the amount of assistance provided or a termination of assistance entirely. All provisions of assistance are based upon the program rules established by The Assistance Fund and not all applicants are eligible for participation.

Furthermore, if I begin receiving government benefits and any portion of the benefits are for retroactive financial assistance, I am responsible for reimbursing The Assistance Fund for the same amount of retroactive assistance that I received under this program.

Waiver and Release of Liability: I understand that, if I am enrolled in The Assistance Fund’s health insurance premium assistance program, at the option of The Assistance Fund, funds may be paid directly to my insurance provider or to me as reimbursement for my payment to my insurance provider. I understand that the amount of assistance that I receive may only partially cover my insurance premiums. If the assistance only partially covers my insurance premiums, I understand that I have the responsibility to pay the balance of such premiums in order to fulfill my financial obligation with my insurer. I understand that a policy of insurance that is underwritten to cover me is my responsibility and that I retain the responsibility to ensure that the related insurance premiums are paid in accordance with the insurance contract terms and conditions. I hereby release The Assistance Fund from liability and forever waive my right to make a claim against The Assistance Fund for the cancellation of, non-renewal of, or denial of insurance (or any such application of insurance). I agree that it is my obligation to contact The Assistance Fund if I receive a notice of cancellation, non-renewal, or denial of insurance as such information may impact my ability to receive assistance from The Assistance Fund for such program(s).

By checking this box and typing my name below, I understand this constitutes my legal electronic signature confirming I acknowledge and agree to the Program Agreements and authorization to the Release of my Protected Health Information. *(required)

Patient Authorization for the Release of Protected Health

Information: I authorize my treating healthcare providers and insurance benefit providers (including my insurance benefit providers’ administrator, if any) to disclose my health records and any individually identifiable health information (“Protected Health Information”) contained therein to The Assistance Fund, Inc., a non-profit organization. The purposes of this disclosure are: (i) to allow The Assistance Fund to process my application for program participation and, if I am determined eligible and funds are available, to enroll me in a program(s), (ii) to investigate my eligibility for assistance with other assistance programs, where applicable, (iii) to analyze and evaluate The Assistance Fund’s programs to determine trends in insurance reimbursement, patient therapy compliance and other statistics related to The Assistance Fund’s programs. De-identified data may be used as permitted by law.

I understand that, once my Protected Health Information is released pursuant to this authorization, that it may be subject to re-disclosure and may no longer be protected by the HIPAA Privacy Rule. I may withdraw this authorization at any time by mailing or faxing a letter of revocation to The Assistance Fund at: The Assistance Fund, Inc., 4700 Millenia Boulevard, Suite 410, Orlando, FL 32839. I acknowledge that such revocation will not have an effect on any actions taken by my treating healthcare providers, insurance benefit providers and insurance benefit providers’ administrator, if any, prior to The Assistance Fund’s receipt of my revocation of this authorization. If I revoke this authorization, I will no longer be eligible to receive assistance through The Assistance Fund’s programs. This authorization expires one year from the date of execution.

By checking this box and typing my name below, I understand this constitutes my legal electronic signature confirming I acknowledge and agree to the Program Agreements and authorization to the Release of my Protected Health Information. *(required)

Please review your information before submitting it for enrollment.

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Patient Information

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Physician Specialist Information

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